Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

At some point today between basketball games, laundry and chores, I'm going to sit down and watch my favorite Irish themed movie "The Quiet Man!"  It seems that ever since I was a little girl, somehow or another we would be looking for something to watch and come across the "The Quiet Man" and watch whatever was left of the movie.  Didn't matter if it was in the beginning or near the end...I think that we all had a pretty good memory for some of our favorite lines.  Whether it was the fishing scene with Maureen O'Hara describing to Ward Bond her problems in the "Gaelic" or even more importantly...the best fight scene I've ever seen in a movie with the "Marquess of Queensbury Rules" of course. 

Mom used to tell the story of when she first saw the movie.  Her step-father, Gwen Shearer had seen the movie up in Orofino, ID during the week when he was working at the mill that he owned.  He came home on Friday night and on Saturday afternoon, the whole family got dressed up and went to the movie.  I think it was Grandpa Gwen's favorite movie as well.  Back in 1952, whenever Mom went shopping with her mother, they were dressed up...from hats, gloves, and dresses.  So...I'm sure that I will find it much more comfortable to sit in my easy chair and watch my favorite Irish movie on the big screen television. 

So, however you celebrate St. Patrick's Day...if you have never seen "The Quiet Man", take some time and enjoy a great movie.  It is supposed to be broadcast on Turner Classic Movies...I'll probably watch my DVD!  I can actually claim some Irish ancestry...probably quite a bit through my great grandmother's grandfather, Jasper Bailey...but other than the name, I can't take him back much further.  I wrote about some of my Irish ancestors last year - See "Tenuous Irish Ties"  So...enjoy your corn beef and cabbage, soda bread, or green beer...and have a great St. Patrick's Day!

My great great great grandfather...Jasper L. Bailey!