Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remembering Granny Shearer

Today would have been Nettie Pearl Moody Shearer's birthday  I knew her as Granny Shearer.  I always think of Granny around the holidays, probably because that is probably when I saw her the most.  She was born on 7 Dec 1890 and she died in 25 Nov 1980 and I was 13 years old.  I have written a blog about Granny before and I am posting links to those blogs.

Three Great Dames

The Most Important Women in My Life

My Beloved Granny

 One of the biggest impacts she had on my life is my love of cooking.  She took my mother when she was 8 years old and began to teach her to cook.  Her son, Gwen Dean Shearer, had married a widow (my grandmother Capitola Friddle Tannahill) and gave her two new granddaughters.  She immediately bonded with my mother and very soon, she had my mother standing on a stool helping to cook at logging camp.  My mother's love of cooking came from her.  Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, I make a salad that I am sure came from Granny. My niece has named it "Grandpa's Crappy Salad"

So here is how you make it:

1 Large box of Lemon Jello - follow the directions and use the set jello
2 containers of Cream Cheese - at room temperature
1/2 cup of finely chopped celery (you can use more if you like)

Take the set jello, put it in the mixer and whip it with softened cream cheese until combined.   After it is mixed together, then add the celery and mix by hand.

I don't mind the salad until you add the celery - but I must admit that it is an acquired taste.  My grandmother loved that salad as well.  Now, don't judge Granny's cooking by that salad :-)  I am pretty sure that it came out of the 1950's.

So...Happy Birthday Granny.

Taken abt 1949 - Left to right:  Cappy, Floyd (Granny's husband) , Betty, & Granny