Friday, September 20, 2013

Gallup Family Portrait

When I first started researching the Gallup family, I had a list of names that belonged to my great great grandmother's siblings.  However, I never had faces to put to the names.  A cousin gave me a copy of this photo several years ago, and since then I have seen many photos of these family members. 

I believe that this photo was taken around 1915 or so and most certainly taken in or near Lyons, Burt Co., NE.  Here are the cast of characters...

Back Row:  Irena Gallup (m. Frank King) , Hugh Gallup, Alice Gallup (m. Win Grenier), George Gallup, Everett Henry Gallup
Front Row:   Elizabeth Gallup (m. John Hanson) , Albert Burlingame Gallup, Phoebe Montanye Gallup, and Fanny Gallup (m. Theodore Robinson, Cyrus Montanye, & Henry Tabor)

Not pictured are Helen Gallup m. Joseph Brown - see below (Helen is at the top with daughter Helen Brown Noonan and her two children)  Phoebe Montanye Gallup on the right.


I don't have a photo of Allen Gallup who lived in New York, but below is  photo of my great great grandmother and her children. I would estimate that both photographs were taken around 1896.  The two children are the twins, Peter Z. Gage and Phebe Margaret Gage - the small boy is my great grandfather Ora Silas Gage and the baby is Alice Irene Gage and also Orlando Gage is in the top picture.

This Gallup lineage is as follows:

Edith Phoebe Gallup m. Orlando Gage
Silas Gallup m. Phoebe Ann Montanye
Ebenezer Gallup m. Susan Harden
Silas Gallup m. Sarah Gallup
Nathaniel Gallup m. Hannah Gore & Nathan Gallup m. Sarah Giddings
Nathaniel Gallup m. Margaret Gallup & Benadam Gallup Jr m. Eunice Cobb
John Gallup III m. Elizabeth Harris & Benadam Gallup m. Esther Prentice
John Gallup m. Hannah Anna Lake (John Gallup III and Benadam are brothers)
John Gallop m. Christobel Bruschett

John Gallop and Christobel Bruschett are my 10th great grandparents and were the immigrants to the New World...

The pictures above are the best photos that I have of my great great grandmother's family.  They have a long history in this country arriving in Boston in 1630 then moving to Connecticut and later New York and finally immigrating to Nebraska in the 1880's. 

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