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George William Shawver

George William Shawver & Elizabeth Matilda Legg
George William Shawver was born on 15 Nov 1824 at Mill Creek Mountain, Greenbrier Co., WV (VA) as the second son of Robert S. Shawver and Mary Jane Callison.  His father’s family had emigrated from Germany probably in the mid 1700’s. (See Sebastian Shawver – Immigrant Ancestor) and from the 1790’s on – the Shawver family had lived in Virginia or West Virginia as it was after 1860.  His mother’s grandfather was James Callison who was born in Ballyhagen, Armagh Co., Ireland around 1739.

It is interesting to note that George William Shawver probably had some interesting ancestors with perhaps some interesting stories.  I have James Callison listed in my database as “Sir James Callison” which implies some sort of Irish nobility.  I also have an interesting note that Mary Jane Callison’s grandfather also had a noble line.  Although, it is suspected that it isn’t of the legitimate variety.  His mother possibly arrived in America on a convict ship.  If is mother was “well-born” and arriving in the colonies with her children on a convict ship – one has to wonder what happened in Ireland or England.    In any case, I suspect there is a good story there and I am not sure that we will ever know the “whole” of it!

George William Shawver married Elizabeth Matilda Legg on 2 Nov 1848 in Fayette Co., VA (WV).  She was the daughter of Thomas Henderson Legg and Elizabeth Nutter.  Elizabeth was born on 16 May 1830 in Leander, Fayette Co., VA (WV).  Her parents had settled in and around Nicholas and Fayette Co., VA around 1820 and she was the youngest daughter in a family of 10 children.

It is hard to know much about a family that lived over a hundred and fifty years ago.  There are really only a few details that one can gather from the census records that counted the passage of time.  In 1850, George and his wife Elizabeth are living with his father in Greenbrier Co., VA with their first son, Robert Thomas Shawver.  By 1860, they are living in Nicholas Co., VA with their growing family including Robert, Melcena, Paul Harvey, John Morrison, Henry, and Daniel.  George is listed as a farmer at this point with land valued at $600 and a personal estate of $100…not terribly prosperous.  By 1870, he is still listed as a farmer with a value of $3,000 land value and $900 personal estate.  He is listed with wife Matilda, children Harvey, John, Henry, Ruth, George C. (my 2nd great grandfather) and Felix.  In 1880, George is no longer listed as a farmer but rather a Stone Mason, land and personal estate values are no longer listed but rather parental birthplaces.  This is the last census that George and Elizabeth Matilda are counted as they both passed away in 1900.  Elizabeth died on 12 Feb 1900 and George died on 9 Mar 1900 both in Prosperity, Raleigh Co., WV.  They were both buried at Prosperity Cemetery in Raleigh Co., WV.

I know from notes that I have that George William Shawver was also a Blacksmith and Methodist minister.  He was referred to as “Shoutin George Shawver” and referred to many as “brother”.  My 2nd Great Grandfather left West Virginia sometime before 1890 and only returned to West Virginia once in 1931 not too long before he died. My Great Grandmother had pictures filled with photos taken during that trip including pictures of the old home place and photos of his siblings and parent’s graves.  So…that is really all I have of my 3rd Great Grandparents…a few pictures and a few details of their life.  I suppose that is more than most!

Descendants of George William SHAWVER

Generation No. 1

1.  GEORGE WILLIAM4 SHAWVER  (ROBERT S.3, GEORGE2, SEBASTIAN1) was born 15 Nov 1824 in Mill Creek Mountain, Greenbrier Co., VA (WV), and died 09 Mar 1900 in Prosperity, Raleigh Co., WV.  He married ELIZABETH MATILDA LEGG 02 Nov 1848 in Fayette Co.,  VA (WV), daughter of THOMAS LEGG and ELIZABETH NUTTER.  She was born 16 May 1830 in Leander, Fayette Co., VA (WV), and died 12 Feb 1900 in Prosperity, Raleigh Co., WV.


                   i.    ROBERT THOMAS5 SHAWVER, b. 06 Nov 1849, Kentucky District, Nicholas Co., VA (WV) or Fayette Co., VA; d. 22 May 1907, Spruce Grove, Nicholas Co., WV; m. ANNETTA T. MORRISON, 17 Feb 1866, Nicholas Co., WV; b. Dec 1847, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. 1932, Spruce Grove, Nicholas Co., WV.

                  ii.    MELCENA E. SHAWVER, b. 01 Apr 1851, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. 22 Dec 1903, Nicholas Co., WV; m. WILLIAM H. O'DELL, JR., 13 Jun 1867, Nicholas Co., WV ?; b. 1850, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. Dec 1893.

                 iii.    PAUL HARVEY SHAWVER, b. 14 Mar 1853, Greenbrier Co., VA (WV); d. 02 Mar 1917, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL; m. (1) MARY COPELAND KING, 21 Mar 1878, Nicholas Co., WV; b. 1860, WV; d. Bef. 1885; m. (2) MARY FRANCIS FULCHER, 15 Jul 1885, Montgomery Co., IN; b. 27 Sep 1860, Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY; d. 31 Jan 1925, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL.

                 iv.    JOHN MORRISON SHAWVER, b. 14 Mar 1855, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. 25 Nov 1938, Grassy Meadows, Greenbrier Co., WV; m. ELIZABETH MEDORA BOLEY, 07 Jan 1875, Nicholas Co., WV; b. Feb 1856, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. 06 Feb 1940, Grassy Meadows, Greenbrier Co., WV.

                  v.    HENRY W. D. SHAWVER, b. 06 Dec 1857, New Kentucky, Nicholas Co., VA (WV); d. 1964, Nicholas Co., WV; m. MARGARET ELLEN STOWERS, 03 Feb 1874; b. 04 Jul 1853, WV; d. 15 Jul 1915, Nicholas Co., WV.

                 vi.    DANIEL L. SHAWVER, b. 06 Mar 1859, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 20 Oct 1861, Nicholas Co., WV.

                vii.    MELVINA J. O. L. SHAWVER, b. 25 Feb 1861, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 20 Nov 1865, Nicholas Co., WV.

               viii.    RUTH ELIZABETH SHAWVER, b. 05 Aug 1864, Nicholas Co., WV; m. MAHLEN ALBERT MILLS, 26 Apr 1877, Nicholas Co., WV; b. 02 Aug 1854, Greenbrier Co., VA (WV).

                 ix.    GEORGE CHRISTIAN SHAWVER, b. 06 Aug 1867, Fowler's Knob, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 13 Apr 1931, Lyons, Burt Co., NE; m. (1) SARAH EMALINE PITSENBARGER, 26 Aug 1883, Nicholas Co., WV; b. 19 Aug 1861, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 17 Aug 1947, Linden, Montgomery Co., IN; m. (2) REBECCA JANE PITZENBERGER, Abt. 1891, IA; b. 28 Jan 1870, Kanawha River near Shawverville, WV; d. 10 May 1904, Omaha, Douglas Co., NE; m. (3) TAMSEY OMISCA PERRY, 20 Jan 1906; b. 02 Apr 1882, Adams Co., IA; d. 16 Apr 1958, Lyons, Burt Co., NE.

                  x.    FELIX L. A. SHAWVER, b. 10 May 1869, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 19 Oct 1889, Darlington, Montgomery Co., IN.

                 xi.    CHRISTINA SIGNORA JANET LILLY SHAWVER, b. 10 Aug 1871, Nicholas Co., WV; d. 11 Jul 1945, Lindsay, Tulare Co., CA; m. WILLIAM MARTIN ROGERS, 13 Jan 1887, Nicholas Co., WV; b. 27 Nov 1862, WV; d. 21 Jan 1926, Lindsay, Tulare Co., CA.