Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12

If Mom was still alive, then Mom & Dad would have been married for 53 years today.  As I look around in the house, I notice lots of things that I bought Mom & Dad for their anniversary...especially the big clock in the sun room.

Mom always believed in giving the gift of "time!"  Probably because there was nothing that she loved more than having a clock in every room...which we still do.  In fact, in a few rooms we have multiple clocks.  I was always in cahoots with Mom when it came time for their anniversary.  Sometimes I would buy some Christmas decoration that she wanted.  Some of those items are still among my favorite Christmas decorations.  I think that perhaps her favorite anniversary gift that I ever gave her was the huge clock that I spied at Costco one year.  It looked nice and was about two feet wide.  We could put that clock up three rooms away and she could still see it.

Mom always said that their wedding might have been full of lots of missteps -(See )  but Mom & Dad's marriage was a happy and fulfilling one.