Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have a hard time remembering anymore what my life was like without genealogy.  In some ways I have been doing this my entire life.  I remember as a child listening to my great grandmothers and my mother's godmothers tell stories.  Usually these occasions occurred during holiday dinners.  Granny was born in 1890, Mom Friddle in 1894 and Aunty Jones was born in 1889.  They were all of an age and had some interesting experiences.

I remember telling my nephew about these dinners with a lot of fondness.  He thought it sounded boring to him.  I was somewhat horrified but also sad.  I was very fortunate to hear and remember so many of these stories.  They were cemented by my mother's memories as well as her memories of her own experiences.

All of them are gone now - including my mother.  In my mind - they are still with me and still speak to me.  Just in different ways now.  I'll never have the type of challenges that they faced in their lifetimes - but their wisdom is an heirloom in and of itself.  I'm proud of that that is what I am going to try to communicate through this blog.  We'll see how successful I am!

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  1. Carmen, you've done a nice job of telling the stories of our relatives. Thank You!
    I'll never forget Mom Friddle's answer to Mom's question: Out of all the amazing events that she lived through (electricity, cars, telephones,etc.
    It didn't take Mom Friddle long to say, "Seeing a man walk on the moon." I wish we had photographic memories so we could pass on those stories we heard from them to our younger generation.