Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Margaret Gallup Crary

The Gallup family has several names that seem to intersect quite often within the Gallup lines.  As I have mentioned many times, I tend to look at the siblings of some of my ancestors.  Ebenezer Gallup is my 4th great grandfather and was the son of Silas Gallup and Sarah Gallup.  I was perusing the siblings of Ebenezer Gallup and was caught by the name of Joseph Crary who married Margaret Gallup.  This is one of those names that seem to show up often. 

Joseph Crary was born 28 Jan 1781 in Groton, New London Co., CT and died 11 Jul 1845 in Sweden, Monroe Co., NY.  He was married to Rhoda Lindsley (b. 1784 d. 1809) and had three children with her until her death in 1809. 

They are:
  • Rhoda Crary b. 1802 d ? (possibly young)
  • Alfred Crary b. 1804 d. ?
  • Lucy Crary b. 1806 d. 1862 m. Benjamin Evan Whipple

Joseph married Margaret Gallup in 1809, a woman who was five years his senior. (Margaret was b. 21 July 1776 and d. 5 Aug 1851) From what I understand, this was a first marriage for Margaret Gallup, and she was 33 years of age.  Crary is an early Gallup surname.  Christobel Gallup (daughter of John Gallup and Hannah Anna Lake) and married Peter Crary and were Joseph Crary’s great grandparents.  Joseph’s parents were Isaac Crary and Mary Gallup.  Mary isn’t really that close of a cousin to Margaret Gallup, even though they share the last name something like 2nd cousin, three times removed.  My genealogy program calculates that Margaret Gallup and Joseph Crary are 3rd cousins.  I am not sure many of the family lines would do well under too close of inspection as it was a small geographic area and too many families intermarrying.

There are a few things that seem intriguing to me.  Joseph Crary is five years younger and marries Margaret Gallup as his second wife.  It is her first marriage and she is 33 years old.  Joseph and Margaret manage to have four children together with the last one born when she was 43 years old. 
Their children are:
  • Alanson Crary b. 1810 d. 1885 m. Eliza Whipple
  • Silas Crary b. 1813 d. 1870 m. Mary Chapin
  • Emily Crary b. 1816 d. 1820
  • Isaac W. Crary b. 1820 d. 1910 m. Martha A Efnor

So, Joseph preceded Margaret in death dying on 11 July 1845 in Sweden, Monroe Co., NY and his buried at East Lake Cemetery (Find A Grave #  116841314)  Margaret died on 5 Aug 1851 and is also buried at the same cemetery (Find A Grave # 134756259)

You might have noticed that Alanson Crary and Lucy Crary both married Whipples…yes they married siblings, both the children of Israel Whipple and Mercy Carpenter.  Joseph Crary was not the only one who married a Gallup.  His brother, Nathan married a Hannah Gallup (daughter of John Gallup and Hannah Denison) and Sarah married Eli Gallup, the younger brother of Margaret Gallup. 
If I go back a few more generations, I am sure that I would find more connections.  Not only did they come from Connecticut but seemed to travel to New York in the same time periods so the family ties continue for a few more generations.  

Here is Margaret Gallup’s family line:

John Gallop m. Christobel Bruschett
John Gallup m. Hannah Anna Lake
John Gallup III m. Elizabeth Harris
Nathaniel Gallup m. Margaret Gallup (see below)
Nathaniel Gallup m. Hannah Gore
Silas Gallup m. Sarah Gallup (see below)

John Gallop m. Christobel Bruschett
John Gallup m. Hannah Anna Lake
Benadam Gallup m. Esther Prentice
Margaret Gallup

John Gallop m. Christobel Bruschett
John Gallup m. Hannah Anna Lake
Benadam Gallup m. Esther Prentice
Benadam Gallup, Jr m. Eunice Cobb
Nathan Gallup m. Sarah Giddings
Sarah Gallup