Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Remembrance

I kind of feel sorry for the kids today.  When we went trick or treating we were out for a few hours and our only rule was we couldn't cross Thain Rd.  Generally we stopped about 12 years old, but since I was the youngest, I was the last one getting candy.  No matter where I hid it, my brothers would find it.  Since they got out of school a half hour earlier than I did - my Halloween candy din't last long.  

I regret that I don't have many photos of us when we were kids.  For many years, Mom would make our costumes out of flannel and then we would wear them as pajamas after the fact.  Mom made me a Sylvester costume one year that I still have the mask.  

In our family - the most memorable one was when I was a child.  I wrote one of my first blogs about that Halloween...and thought some of you might like to revisit it!  Hope everyone has a great Halloween!