Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will Moses Friddle’s First Wife Identify Yourself? :)

For years I have been pursuing information about my great great grandfather.  I know about when he was born and where and the first time I find any record of him is in 1859.  So, where is he between 1826 when was supposedly born in South Carolina and 1859 when he marries Amanda McKee in Carter Co., TN…and who is his first wife? During my search I tried just about every type of resource I could find at the library, online, and any newslist I could find to post on.  I have come to the conclusion that Moses Friddles is a brick wall which I may never breach.  

One of my attempts was to try to find out who Moses Friddles married first.  I first find Moses in the 1860 census with his new wife and two of his sons and his new wife in Dist. 6, Johnson Co., TN.  His daughter Julia is not in this census with him and I presume that she must be with her mother’s family.  I find a Juliana Friddle in the 1870 census at Lenoir, Caldwell Co., NC, Pg. 543A listed as a domestic servant under a Melinda Lang.  However, the family located directly above this Lang is a Jane Mundy with a John Mundy above her.  So, I wonder if this is my Julia Friddle living with family in Caldwell Co., NC.  By the next census, Julia is married to Sidney Prestwood.  They were married in 1876 in Johnson Co., TN but are living in Caldwell Co., NC and sometime after the 1900 census, Julia leaves her husband and takes her two children west to homestead near her brother in Wallowa Co., OR.

Julia Friddles Prestwood's Death Record
I know from Julia Friddles Prestwoods’ death record that her mother is a Munday…so my next step is to trace the Munday family that I found living close to Julia in 1860.  I find a John Munday who is possibly the younger brother of Julia’s mother.  Interestingly enough, his wife is listed as Mary Friddle. When I take it back even further to the John Munday in the 1850 census – I find two young women that could possibly be a mother of Julia.  There is a Jane b. abt 1836 and a Lina b. abt 1838.  Now…I’ve found Julia living with a Melinda in the 1870 census as a servant.  I would almost guess that Lina and Melinda ar the same person as they would also have the same birthdate.  Jane is listed in the 1870 census as well.  So – I suspect that a daughter of John Munday is probably born and married to Moses Friddles before the 1850 census.  Since John and Isabell were both born in the early 1800’s this a definite possibility. 

However, my problem still exists – who is the mother of Julia and her brother Albert.  She is most likely already married to Moses Friddles but as yet – I don’t have a census record or marriage record to establish her name.  All I have is a death record of her daughter that tells me her surname.  So, you might wonder what my next move will be.  I am trying to find out someone who his research John Munday’s family who might have more information.  I am also interested in finding out who the Mary Friddle was who married the younger John Munday who is mentioned in his death record.

As you can see – Moses Friddle’s first wife is yet another brick wall.  Their son Albert was incredibly important to both of my great grandparents.  He provided a parenting presence for both of them even though he was David Carl Friddle’s brother and not father.  I will keep plugging away and perhaps someday – I might finally figure out who Moses Friddle’s first wife was!

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