Thursday, April 12, 2012

1940 Laurel Twp, Ashe Co., NC - Penningtons (Part 2)

I’m back on my 1940 Pennington search.  If you would like to read my previous article, go to - I left off with Page 2A of Laurel township.  As I am looking at Page 2B – there aren’t too many familiar names until I get to the bottom of the page where I find Kirby Pennington.

Kirby Smith Pennington is the 3rd generation down from Levi Pennington and Elizabeth Henson through his father Melvin and Grandfather John Pennington.  He was married to the much younger Lula Victoria Jones.  She was born about 1906 to John C. Jones and Sallie – now, I don’t have her lineage right now, but the Jones family is also quite prevalent in this area. 

On page 3A – we move on to William Osborne who is married to Vertie Pennington, also the daughter of Melvin Pennington.  This is a great entry because it allows me to fill out names and birth years.  Williard is connected with the big three families in Ashe Co., NC – the Pennington by marriage and the Osbornes, Graybeals, and Estridges in his family background.  Even though I don’t see any other Penningtons on the rest of the page, evidently by notes listed on the far left – most of the information came from a neighbor named Mrs. Rash who supplied the census taker with the data.

It isn’t until the bottom third of the page until I find another familiar name.  Tom L. McCoy is the son of William McCoy and Mary Brown…several of his siblings married Pennington relations.  Near the bottom of the page is William Riley Pennington with his wife, Hattie Edmonson.  William is the grandson of Elijah Ephraim Pennington and Mary Osborne and the great grandson of Levi Pennington and Elizabeth Henson.

Page 4A has several familiar names, but no one I can identify exactly.  There is a widowed Maggie Pennington with son, Ethan…this will lead me into the pursuit to discover who they are.  Near the top of Page 4B is Quincy Williams with wife, Rosa – who is the daughter of Isaac Pennington and Martitia Osborne.  Next is another Jones and Oliver family.  This Oliver family is one of the more well known.  Etta Jane Pennington married James Oliver in 1914 and I believe their oldest daughter is still alive at near 97 years old.  Seeing that Ruth Oliver isn’t listed with her family and knowing that she is married to a Greer, I believe that she is at the top of the page with her husband Russell.   Next is an Eastridge family that is probably connected…but I don’t what it is.  Then comes Mack Farmer who I believe according to another researcher, has the original Levi Pennington home place.  Like many others, if they aren’t connected to the Penningtons, then they are to either the Osbornes or Graybeals, in this case Mack is the son of Emeline Graybeal.

So, ends a journey through another four pages of the Laurel township in Ashe Co., NC in 1940.  There is a reason that I spend so much time looking at peripheral families.   Sometimes my work with these families helps to fill in blanks in some of the other lines that I research.  Between funeral records and census records there is still lots of research to be done.