Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

As I am writing this – it is Thanksgiving eve…I’m physically and mentally tired after the day at my job and coming home to cook and bake my part of the Thanksgiving meal.  I’m ready for bed – but I can’t help thinking about all of those people out there who don’t have the blessings that I enjoy.  I have a job, family who loves and cares about what happens to me, friends, a loving pet, and wonderful memories of those I am thankful to have known.

When one enjoys great blessing of family – we also experience the pain of loss.  So many of my memories of past Thanksgivings are tied up with my mother, grandparents (Gwen & Cappy Shearer) and great grandmothers (Sophie Friddle and Nettie Shearer) as well as my mother’s godmother, Glenthora Jones!  They have all passed away now yet I feel as if somehow they are still with us.  I wish Mom could taste that apple pie I just finished or sneak a piece of the pumpkin pie that Dad and I had for supper tonight.  I wish I could listen once more at the feet of my great grandmothers and Aunty Jones as they spoke of stagecoach rides up into the hills. I wish I could talk with my grandparents once again and really listen to what they say.  Those times are past and there are new enjoyable traditions that I treasure just as much as those old ones.   I ask that as you travel or welcome friends and family for Thanksgiving meal that you remember that you are making treasured memories.  Please be thankful for the blessings that we all have!
Thanksgiving 1968 - It is my second Thanksgiving.  While much has changed in the intervening years -
there are still some traditions that continue.

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